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Rathdown School

Whole-School Evaluation Report 2018 of Rathdown Senior School

In 2018 the Department of Education and Skills published a Whole School Evaluation Management, Leadership and Learning on Rathdown Senior School.

This evaluation consisted of the Department Inspectors visiting the Senior School to meet with the Board of Management, the Principal and management team, groups of teachers, parents and students. We are thrilled to have received a glowing review and validation of the great work that is being done by all staff to create a supportive and encouraging environment for our students.

97% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that teaching was good in the school





Key findings are:

The Board of Management welcomes this inspection report and the affirmation of the excellent work ongoing in the school. The Board particularly appreciates the recognition of the following:

  • The high quality of teaching and learning, where students are motivated to learn in a very supportive learning environment based on mutual respect, affirmation and high expectations of students’ progress.
  • Teachers’ enthusiasm for their subject area inspiring students to engage in their own learning.
  • The availability of a very broad curriculum with a focus on excellence and high expectations, while fully supporting and encouraging every student according to her ability, including a well respected TY programme.
  • Excellent supports for students, including a new year head and study skills structure; the transition and induction programme for First Year students; significant anti-bullying programme; the active fostering of the holistic development of each and every student while seeking to ensure inclusivity through valuing diversity; and the development of young women as leaders through the many leadership opportunities provided.
  • The very effective senior management team comprising of the principal and the deputy principal, who seek to create an environment in which learning is encouraged and supported, and who lead the school community to strive for excellence in all areas by setting high expectations for staff and students. Teachers are encouraged and supported to develop and extend their teaching, learning and assessment practices and to share good practice and work together collaboratively in the interest of improving student learning.
  • The provision of a very wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for students, where they are actively encouraged to get involved in a number of sports and activities and their participation is monitored to ensure the engagement of all.
  • The caring school ethos, where a wide range of charitable events and fundraisers run by the students themselves are encouraged and facilitated.

Parental Survey Findings:

The Inspectors conducted surveys of parents and pupils during the inspection visit.

  • 92% of parents surveyed, agreed or strongly agreed that the school was well run
  • 98% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their daughter felt safe and looked after
  • 97% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that teaching was good in the school
  • 100% of parents agreed or strongly agreed they were happy with the school
  • 91% of students agreed or strongly agreed they felt safe and cared for in the school
  • 94% said there was a good atmosphere in the school

Please click the following link to download the full report