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Rathdown School

Taster Days, Open Days & Private Visits





Getting a real sense of what is so unique about our school is so important.


Open Day

18th September 2023 from 3.30pm until 7.30 pm.  

To register your attendance please follow this link 

Please note Presentations will be held in the Senior School Gym as follows:

5.30 pm - Mr. Dermot Dix - Junior School Principal

6.00 pm - Mr. Brian Moore - Principal

You are welcome to have your school tour either before or after the presentation.  However, it is not mandatory for you to attend them. 

Should you require a tour of the Boarding House (girls only) please email me directly to arrange a specific time.


Private Visit

A 30 minute visit can be arranged between the hours of 1pm until 4pm by appointment only on the dates shown below by contacting and including a completed Declaration of Interest Form

19th October 2023 (for 1st year senior 2024 Applicants only)
16th November 2023
14th December 2023
18th January 2024
22nd February 2024
14th March 2024
18th April 2024
16th May 2024
18th July 2024
15th August 2024

Alternatively we hope you will find the Virtual Tour of interest.


If there is a particular aspect of school life you would like to learn about, please call our Registrar on +353 (0)1 285 3133 or email the Registrar who will be happy to make individual arrangements or fill out our Enquiry form

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