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Rathdown School

Our Strategy for the Future


Based on your feedback from the 2019 survey, and on extensive and in-depth studies conducted by the Board of Governors and Senior Management, we have arrived at this moment. Our Strategy for the Future is to ensure Rathdown remains at the forefront of education in Ireland and internationally. 


Pillar 1: Ethos 


Rathdown School will reflect modern and contemporary Ireland providing a friendly and student centred coeducation option for South County Dublin.


  1. Coeducation

 We will commence the phased roll-out of Coeducation.


  1. Small to Medium Size School

We want to continue to provide an alternative to the larger fee-paying schools.


  1. Boarding

Rathdown will remain a girls-only offering until June 2025 when the Boarding facility will close.


Coeducation - Why Now? 


1.     It is a natural next step towards the fulfilment of our ethos to be an inclusive and progressive school that reflects and is relevant to modern Ireland. 


2.     We want to adapt and respond to a national and international move towards co-educational schooling. 


3.     The move will further support the personal and social development of our students both inside and outside of the classroom.


4.     We believe the characteristic spirit of Rathdown will be maintained and enhanced by this development, in particular the small/medium sizing of the school, with classes smaller than those of our competitors. 


5.     Significant numbers of current and potential parents and feeder schools have expressed an interest in Rathdown providing a co-educational environment. 


6.     This move will allow us to broaden our footprint in the community as well as optimising the use of our resources and infrastructure. 


Pillar 2: Teaching and Learning


We will ensure to continue to provide an excellent holistic education experience that excites and is relevant for 21st Century Ireland and its students.


  1. Continued Academic Excellence for Students of all Abilities

We will adapt our Teaching and Learning Environment to address the increasing importance of technology. Our goal is for every Senior School student to have a computer in their school bag and for it to become an everyday tool much like a calculator or slide rule was in the past.

We will review Methods of Assessment and explore the merits of different forms of assessment. 


  1. Student Wellbeing.

We will adapt and enrich our student supports, as we know happy students perform to the best of their ability.


  1. Sport for All, Sport for Life.

We will review our sports programme to cater for excellence as well as for those who want to remain fit and healthy in a less competitive environment. 


  1. Music & The Arts.

We will review our programme and ensure we provide an outlet and platform for budding stars of the future, as well as for students whose ambitions are not as lofty but who enjoy participation and learning in these areas.


Pillar 3: Campus Masterplan


We will commence the roll out of our ambitious plan for campus renewal:


  1. Campus Development.

We will commence the delivery of a campus development plan.


  1. Finance Model.

We will develop our Finance Plan so as to allow us to focus on campus development and embark on a fundraising campaign. 

Our masterplan will ensure that our campus evolves and that it does so in a planned  and well-thought-out manner. 

Our short to medium term plan provides for:  

  1. A new Junior School building 
  2. Science Laboratories Refurbishment
  3. Hillcourt House refurbishment


Our longer term plan provides for: 

  1. A Senior School extension incorporating student social and study spaces
  2. Extending our boarding facilities to accommodate boys.
  3. New sporting facilities
  4. A new music and drama multi-purpose hall


Parent philanthropy has played an invaluable role in the history of Rathdown, recently supporting significant financial investment in IT facilities; new student lockers; new canteen facilities; a newly refurbished and enhanced playground; new tennis courts; new outdoor student spaces; refurbishments of classrooms and dormitories. 

We have also spent over €0.5m on capital & maintenance works throughout the school: removing the last of the 1970s pre-fabs, overhauling heating systems and tending to our listed structures.  As we plan for the next century in Glenageary, we have developed a masterplan for the campus. This plan will guide our campus development over the next number of decades.


Pillar 4: Governance 


Continue the programme of Governance Enhancement

The Board and its structures will oversee the Strategic and Financial direction of the school


  1. Establish a fundraising sub-committee of the board with oversight responsibilities.

We will commence a formal fundraising programme to support our Campus Development Plan. 


  1. Ensure the successful delivery of the Strategic Plan through effective Governance Structures.

The Board will review its structures to ensure the continued success of Rathdown for the next generation.


The Board of Governors has a number of sub-committees that ensure good governance. These include:

  • ⇒ The Senior School Board of Management
  • ⇒ The Junior School Advisory Council
  • ⇒ The Boarding Advisory Body
  • ⇒ The Finance Committee
  • ⇒ The Strategy Working Group

A copy of Strategy for the Future Brochure available on this link