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Rathdown School


Prefects provide a very valuable layer to the day-to-day smooth running of the school.

It has always been a part of school life in the Rathdown to have 6th Year Prefects; students who have the respect of the student body as well as the staff and who are entrusted with certain duties and responsibilities.

The selection process takes place in spring each year, involving input from staff and students. A team of Prefects is appointed for the following year.

Prefects are given particular Form Time duties in addition to specific areas of responsibility.

 Prefect specific areas of responsibility:

  • Sport
  • Music and Drama
  • SUCH
  • Science and Maths
  • Green Schools
  • Anti-Bullying
  • International
  • Languages

Responsibilities of all Prefects

  • To show leadership in the School
  • To work closely with students
  • To work closely with staff in the smooth running of the School, particularly at morning Assembly and at public functions such as Prize-giving
  • To carry out tasks assigned by the Head Student, Deputy Head Student, or member of staff (e.g. door duty in the mornings or in the canteen, class tidy up duties etc.)
  • To attend prefect meetings

The role of a prefect is always expanding to try and help meet the needs of an ever-expanding school community.

Privileges of Prefects

  • Act as leaders in the school
  • Wearing the Prefect badge
  • Have the chance to make a difference to school life and to influence how the school is run
  • Are held in high esteem by students and staff

Class of 2020

  • Head Girl: Zoë Fitzsimmons
  • Deputy Head Girl: