Rathdown has a lively and active Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which works together with the Junior and Senior School Principals to form an effective partnership between home and school.  

PTA Events

Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions Rathdown PTA is restricted on suitable events - they will however continue to share future event details with you as they become available.


Remembering Covid-19 and charity fundraising - Easter 2021

Please find attached letter from the PTA outlining their initiative for remembrance and charity. 




Save the Date - RATHDOWN Christmas Family Fun Thursday December 10th 6.30 pm!


Though our holiday celebrations may have been well and truly curtailed this year, the PTA elves have been busily working away, and are excited to get the Rathdown School Community together for a Wonderful Christmas Event for All the Family


Introducing (drum roll please!)... Retro-Drive-In Movies Night at Rathdown! This is a fantastic way for us all to come together and celebrate the festive season in a way that is really fun, and at the same time safe and fully Covid-compliant.


Date: December 10th 2020 at 6:30pm

Movie & Treats: Elf, plus a few surprises!

Tickets: 75 per car

Location: Grit Pitch (Junior School Car Park)


Tickets will go on sale on December 3rd – please expect more details from the PTA early next week. Numbers are somewhat limited by the size of the grit pitch so do please book early to avoid disappointment.






All items and prices will be uploaded to the following facebook page.


Inquiries, please message Bronagh on the Facebook page or WhatsApp 0879276905.


If you are not on Facebook, please WhatsApp Bronagh with the items you require and I will check for them.  Alternatively, please find attached a list of current stocked garments.


There will be a box placed outside the Senior School reception to leave second hand uniforms during the week. Please wash and dry clothes before leaving them in the box.


Any other questions please contact Bronagh



Junior School Fundraiser - 23rd to 25th October 2020 - Halloween Hop-a-thon

We are thrilled to announce that our Rathdown Junior School Halloween Hop-a-thon Fundraiser for Laptops/Tablets raised a total of €2,900 via iDonate and Aladdin. The PTA is pleased to donate an additional €1,600, bringing the subtotal to €4,500. But it doesn't end there! A (2019-2020 P6) parent's employer has raised the total amount by an incredible additional €5,000. This means Rathdown Junior School benefits from a Grand Total of €9,500 to spend on laptops/tablets for the Junior School! Despite these rather glum times, we have managed to scoop a wonderful sum of money for this very worthy cause. We want to extend a HUGE thank you to those who took part - both the hoppers themselves, the generous parents (both financially and in spirit!) and Dermot, the teaching staff and the Class Reps for encouraging our hoppers along the way! A heartfelt thanks to the PTA Hop-a-thon Team (led by our super-duper Project Manager, Una McCallum): Penny Colley, Justine Van Buttingha Witters, Nikki Moore and Leanne Murphy. And thank you to Siobhan Graham for bringing the original idea to us. And now, without further ado, our winners!!

Our class winners are as follows:

KG2 1. Aisling Hickey 2. Kathy Rowan

  1. Eliza Quinn

KG3 1. Skye Bi 2. Elena Galvin

  1. Mia Casey


  1. Ava Rigby
  2. Ellie O’Riordan Hay
  3. Sibeal Ryan


  1. Amy Rigby
  2. Elodie Robb
  3. Abigail O’Connor


  1. Victoire Blanc
  2. Jessica Kelly
  3. Roisin Ramsay


  1. Sophie Mackle
  2. Ava Kalbasi
  3. Sarah Kelleher

P5 Green

  1. Hannah Lennon
  2. Grace Wilson
  3. Matilde Cooper

P5 Blue

  1. Isa Murphy
  2. Amélie Robb
  3. Isabella Casey


  1. Juliana Knell
  2. Olivia O’Connor
  3. Amelia Colley

The best Halloween Hopper prize goes to a Grace Guinan for her wonderful bat leaps!

And the Class Winner of the coveted Golden Boot (!!): P6 with an incredible 224,806 jumps!

Thank you again to every participant for making this event such a great success.

Stand by for new of the next exciting PTA initiative!

If you wish to contact us please email   


The purpose of the PTA is to:

  • Facilitate an efficient and effective communication flow between school management and parents
  • Support the school ethos while promoting the needs and interests of the pupils 
  • Fundraise to enhance the school environment for the pupils and teachers

Over the last few years the PTA has supported many projects including:

  • Debs Reception in the School       
  • Habitat for Humanity Trip       
  • School Uniform Sale       
  • Senior School Christmas Lunch       
  • Junior School Santa Visit        
  • Junior School Library       
  • Careers Evening and Mock Interviews for pupils       
  • Whole school Winter & Summer Socials - eg Centenary gala, Golf event

At the start of each school year, an AGM is held and a PTA Committee is elected. Each elected member serves three years on the committee. Parents, whether on the committee or not, are encouraged to get involved. Comment and feedback is welcomed and can be fed to the committee via their Class Reps or via email 

For scheduled PTA events please visit the school calendar for more information.