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Rathdown School

Lego Club

Our Lego Club is ideal for budding engineers!

LEGO Club was originally formed to enable students to participate in the annual, internationally recognised First LEGO League competition. Students compete against other schools across Ireland in a series of challenges around a common theme.

Over the nine years of LEGO in the school, students have taken part in themes including ‘Animal Heroes’, ‘Into Orbit’ and currently ‘Replay’, which is based on sports in the community.

The club is open to all years and meets regularly to work on the different aspects of the project. These are the robot game, robot design, programming and innovation project, all whilst incorporating the Core Values, for example teamwork and fun. 

It provides a great way for students to interact and socialise with other students outside their own year group. It allows them to practice skills such as problem solving, collaborative thinking and group learning. Additionally, it helps to provide a pathway for students to develop expertise that can help in future careers such as engineering, physics or technology.

Students always have great fun competing as the ‘Lab Raths’ and have won numerous awards for their hard work over the years.