Learning is not just about lessons in our classrooms. It is something that our girls seek out all day, every day.

However broad and stimulating an academic programme is, we believe it should be complemented by an exciting extra-curricular offering.

In addition to the host of regular school, after school and House activities, there are special events throughout the year dedicated to the development of the girls' all-round education.

Even at the end of a busy school day, we see girls keen to stay and take part in all sorts of pursuits.

Girls at Rathdown School are encouraged to be involved in a wide range of activities, to broaden their interests and try new things.

Our school day is supplemented with a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as speech & drama, Irish dancing, ballet, sports club, tennis, art club, French club, RC doctrine, playball and kinder music.

Music lovers can join or try the Junior School choir and/or orchestra or avail of lessons in a wide range of instruments.



Ballet KG2 - P6
Art Club P1 - P6
Irish Dancing KG2 - P3
Speech & Drama KG2 – P6
French Club KG2 - KG3
Irish Club KG2 – P2
RC Doctrine P1 - P6
Tennis P2 - P6
Sports Club P2 - P4
Hockey P1 - P6

P1 - P6

Basketball Club

P1 - P6

Football Club

P1 - P6

Playball KG2 - KG3
Athletics Club P3 - P6 (Seasonal)
Badminton Club P1 - P6
Cricket Club P1 - P6 (Seasonal)
Junior School Choir Club P1 - P6
Junior School Orchestra P2 - P6

Piano (KG2 - P6)

Violin (KG3 - P6)

Cello (KG3 - P6)

Singing (P4 - P6)

Recorder (P1 - P6)

Harp (P3 - P6)

Flute (P2 - P6)

Clarinet (P5 - P6)

Guitar (P1 - P6)

Ensemble Keyboards (P1 - P6)

Kinder Class (KG2 - KG3)

Supervised Prep

P3 - P6