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Rathdown School

Boarding Life

Boarding provides greater opportunities for companionship and friendship and so adds a further dimension to school life.

Rathdown girls lead busy lives.  Alongside the academic programme, girls have the opportunity to develop their talents in a great many areas, having fun with friends or getting involved in extra-curricular activities.

Boarding Activities

Boarders have access to a fantastic range of activities and clubs on every day from Monday-Friday.

Boarders also then have their own regular activities which run every weekend, such as extra sports practices. Our Boarders have had so much fun this year. We have been climbing, trampolining, ice-skating, and to the cinema lots of times, they had an incredible Christmas and Halloween party, had seaside and hill walks.

Our close proximity to the attractions in Dublin enables us to see the sights on a regular basis. There are also many activities on-site, including great sporting activities.

Trips and Excursions

As part of the boarding experience at Rathdown, all boarders benefit from the opportunity to learn about Irish culture and history through a series of planned trips and excursions.

From monthly day trips to three-day tours of Ireland’s most scenic regions, our boarders enjoy a host of memorable outings and activities throughout the school year.

We hold regular themed events during term time, including a Spanish night with great tapas, Chinese New Year, a St. Patricks Day evening and many more. Highlights include the  Halloween Fancy Dress Party and the formal Boarders’ Christmas Dinner.