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Rathdown School

Boarding Care

Many of our boarders will be leaving home for the first time and a number of them have families in other parts of the world.

Our boarding staff work hard to ensure new boarders settle in quickly and that all girls have a home from home, where they feel included, appreciated and part of a close-knit community.

Under the supervision of our Head of Boarding, Ms Frieda Burke, both boarding houses are staffed by Senior Matrons with a team of supporting Student Matrons.

The Senior Matrons work in tandem with our Head of Boarding, School Nurse, Form Heads and School Principals to ensure that a confidential multi-disciplinary team approach is available to the girls at all times. Homework Support is available to any students who need additional help with their studies.

Pupils are supported and encouraged to develop in a secure environment that seeks to nurture independence, loyalty and a well-rounded personality, underpinned by a fusion of discipline and responsibility.

We pride ourselves on having outstanding pastoral care.  Boarders very quickly develop a strong rapport with the other boarder girls in their year, as well as with the boarding staff.  Touching base at regular intervals every day means that the staff can quickly identify a girl who may be home-sick or struggling with a piece of work, and they can resolve any problems at an early stage.

The school ensures that the pupils are looked after in an extremely caring, safe environment.


Girls all-round health and well-being is of paramount importance to us.  

We want students to be happy and healthy, with access to support, guidance, and advice on a whole range of medical related issues. The Nurse is available to all pupils, both day and boarding.

The School Nurse is on duty daily from Monday to Friday. Locally based GP, Dr Richard Fitzpatrick, is available at short notice and also holds surgery in Hillcourt House once a week. All boarding staff are also trained in First Aid. Ill students are cared for in our sickbay in Hillcourt House.  We ensure that parents are kept informed at all times about their daughters’ health.

First Aid

A large number of staff are trained in basic First Aid skills.

Injuries are dealt with quickly and efficiently, ensuring prompt referral to medical departments where necessary. All injuries requiring treatment are logged, adhering to Health and Safety regulations.

Healthy Eating

All pupils are encouraged to maintain their fitness and personal well-being through healthy eating and participation in physical activity.

The catering team prepares locally-sourced meat and vegetables which are home-cooked and offered in tasty and nutritious menus. There is always a variety of hot and cold options. Healthy eating is actively promoted and the school can accommodate vegetarians, celiac, dairy-free and other allergies or dietary requirements. Girls have the opportunity to produce and harvest their own fresh produce including herbs, fruit and vegetables as part of the eco-programme.