Rathdown Jun B in action against Loreto Dalkey

Basketball is one of the fastest growing team sports in the world.  Players of all ages can get enormous enjoyment from this quick and exciting sport.  Rathdown School introduced basketball as a competitive after school sport in 2009 and considering this is a new sport for the school, the girls have done very well competitively in the game so far.  There are 2 coaches taking the pupils after school and this allows all teams to have 2 training sessions per week.  Matches and extra training take place on Saturday mornings.

2010/11 Training Schedule

Monday Rathdown Club Basketball
Tuesday Senior Cadettes
Wednesday Junior


Thursday Juniors


Friday Minors


Senior C Cadette A Junior B Minor A Minor B
A Burke A McGeee H Heath Sorcha Breslin Anna Quinn
L Waller L Mulrennan S Mulryan Lauren O’Reilly Naomi Fox
H Thunder C Rogers O McCormack Lyndsey Ponsonby Olivia Hone
C Browne E Maisman A Beirne Megan Doyle Kate Power
S Donohoe R OConnor B Donohoe Aoise T Murphy Sally Quinn
I Hopkins M Treacy L Paloma Rebecca Droop Hazel Jones Cloughly
E Blake J Lawless N Schmidtke Rebecca Ray Beatrice Von Matuschka
C Finnerty M Lendaro V Manukovskay Katie Una Towns Evie Robinson
C Burke S Redmond J Farrell Michaela Meyers Florence May
A Bodimeade K Coyle J Blanco Meg Tyrell Riona Clancy
T Talzi C Stillman R Droop Rachel Burke Joyce Borza
A Warren Alix Bailey


w/c 14th March

Sat 12th Interhouse Basketball for all years 9.30-11.30

Mon 14th Jun B V Loreto Dalkey Away 4.30 Castlepark League

Tues 15th Cadette B V Mount Anville Away 4.30

Wed 16th Min A V Loreto Dalkey Home 2.15 League

Wed 16th Min B V Loreto Dalkey Home 3.15 League

Big congratulation to Owen Chubb our basketball coach who has been chosen to assist coach the National U16 boys basketball team next session. A big achievement!


w/c 14th March

Jun B in action

Jun B V Loreto Dalkey A very very close match lost by 1 basket  31-29

Cadettes B V Mount Anville Again a really tight game Won 19-18

Min A V Loreto Dalkey Lost but hard fought 18-13

min B V Loreto Dalkey Won 11-3

End of Basketball Season Well done girls this year!

Interhouse Hockey Competition

Hall 1st Place

Park 2nd Place

Hillcourt 3rd Place

Park 4th Place