Daily Programme & Timetables

Rathdown Senior School has a 45 period week timetable with 9 periods per day.

Each day starts for students at 8:40am, with Assembly commencing at 8:45am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday mornings all girls have form time, where they meet with their Form Teacher and Form Prefect.

Classes start at 9:00am and there is a 15 minute break at 11:00am and a 45 minute break for lunch at 1:15pm. The day ends at 4:00pm except on Fridays, when classes end earlier at 3:15pm.

Each year group is divided into 3 form groups. However, all option groups have at least four subjects and at Junior Cycle from first year onward English and Mathematics are set in four or more divisions, as required.

As in all recognised secondary schools, with the exception of the Transition Year, the subject curriculum is set by the Department of Education and Science.